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Ergänzung Land Brandenburg:

Ein Fahrzeugkennzeichen mit individuell gewählter Buchstaben und Zahlenkombination.

Do you want a specific combination of letters or numbers for your license plate, for example

  • a name abbreviation,
  • the abbreviation of your company,
  • a date of birth or marriage, or
  • Would you like an "old license plate" for your vehicle that is available again in your district together with a specific identification number?

For a fee, you can apply for a desired license plate or have it reserved in advance.

If you would like to use the desired license plate of your deregistered vehicle later in the same administrative district, you can reserve the identification number for a fee for a certain period of time and apply again in connection with the re-registration or registration of another vehicle. A reservation of the desired license plate expires when you move a deregistered vehicle.


  • The subsequent change of a license plate combination assigned for a vehicle is only possible for an additional fee.
  • A desired license plate reserved in another registration district cannot be taken with you when you move to the new registration district.

Hint: The regulatory authorities will try to comply with your wishes. However, you have no legal claim to a desired license plate.

If you have reserved a desired license plate in advance, you will need the reservation confirmation for the admission procedure.

Ergänzung Land Brandenburg:

Antrag kann im Zulassungsverfahren mündlich gestellt werden, im Onlineverfahren, soweit angeboten, schriftlich.

Persönliches Erscheinen oder Vertretung mit Vollmacht.


You want a specific combination of letters or numbers for your license plate.


If you want to use your license plate again later in the same administrative district when you deregister your vehicle, you can have it reserved for a certain period of time with most registration authorities for a fee and also apply again in connection with the registration of another vehicle.

  • § 8 Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) (allocation of license plates)
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees)

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  • § 8 Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)
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At most regulatory authorities, you can reserve or apply for desired license plates in person, in writing or by telephone. Many regulatory authorities also offer an online service on the Internet.

Note: You can find out how long your desired license plate will remain reserved for you directly from the responsible office.

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