Vehicle registration plate Reservation Desired number plate Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For several years it has been possible to obtain a desired number plate. Many admission seam points now offer the possibility to select the appropriate number plate from a number plate pool set by the respective approval authority online regardless of opening hours. It is open to reserve flags for Cars / Trucks, Motorcycle as well as Seasonal and vintage car registration plates

Online reservation: Choose your desired indicator. If the indicator is still free, the indicator is reserved for a certain period of time after entering the name and, if applicable, the address data. You will receive a confirmation via the reservation. Print this confirmation and present it when you register your vehicle. In addition, please observe the requirements of the competent licensing authority. attention: When booking the Internet, there is no legal right to allocate the reserved number plate; therefore, you should only procure the number plates in advance if it is clear from the confirmation of the approval authority that the reserved number plate will actually be allocated to you.

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