New registration (new vehicles) / first registration (used vehicles)

If you want to drive your new or used vehicle on public roads, you need a registration.

The licensing authority in whose area you have your place of residence or place of business is responsible for admission.

Vehicles can be registered to private individuals and legal entities or companies as vehicle owners, i.e. also to

  • Companies, 
  • Authorities or
  • Clubs.

For a new vehicle, you must submit an application for registration to your registration authority. New vehicles are vehicles that

  • participate in public road traffic for the first time, and
  • have not yet been admitted at home or abroad.

For a used vehicle that

  • has so far only been used on non-public sites (e.g. on an airport site) or
  • was previously only admitted abroad

you must submit an application for initial authorisation to the competent licensing authority.

If your car has been registered, you will receive the registration documents and your personal license plate from the registration authority.

Note: For a used vehicle that has already been registered, you only need to submit an  application for re-registration when changing owners.

  • valid identity card or passport
  • for representation: additional
    • written power of attorney
    • valid identity card or passport of the authorised person
  • in the case of minors: additional declaration of consent and identification documents of the legal guardians
  • for legal entities/companies:
    • Excerpt from the commercial register,
    • Business registration or
    • Extract from the register of associations
  • Declaration on the collection of motor vehicle tax (SEPA direct debit mandate): Form is also available at the registration office on site
    • Note: Severely disabled people with the mark "H", "BI" or "aG" in their severely disabled person's card are exempt from motor vehicle tax. You do not have to present a direct debit authorization.
  • Proof of the right of disposal of the holder to be entered:
    • for the first registration of vehicles with EC type-approval:
      • Registration certificate Part II and
      • Certificate of conformity (COC paper)
    • for the first registration of vehicles with national type-approval:
      • Registration certificate Part II with registered type and variant/version key number
      • Data confirmation of the vehicle manufacturer
    • additional purchase contract or original invoice for vehicles with
      • EC type-approval (EC Certificate of Conformity/COC),
      • national type-approval (General Type-Approval/ABE) or
      • Individual approval
  • Insurance confirmation (eVB code) from an insurance company of your choice
    • Note: You can usually request them by phone.
  • Reservation confirmation, if you have requested a desired license plate in advance
  • Note: The competent authority may request further documents

Forms: none

Online procedure possible: from 01.10.2019 for private individuals

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance necessary: yes


  • You must not have any arrears of fees and expenses from previous admission procedures.
    • Arrears of more than EUR 30.00: no admission until you have paid the debt
    • Payment arrears below EUR 30.00: approval at the discretion of the authority
  • You must not have any car tax debts of EUR 5.00 or more. When calculating the amount, late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges are also taken into account.

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You must apply for admission in writing or online:

  • Find out about the required documents and forms at:
    • your local licensing authority, or
    • the registration authority locally responsible for the location of the vehicle.
  • Make an appointment or, if available, take advantage of the online procedure.
  • Bring all required documents as well as the respective payment amount to your appointment.
  • Your documents will be checked directly on site.
  • If the exam is positive, you will receive the following during the appointment:
    • Your personal identification,
    • the stamped number plates, and
    • Your registration documents.
  • In most cases, there are private dealers not far from the registration office, where you can have the license plate printed on a license plate directly afterwards.

Note: You can also be represented by an authorised person. If you are not registered in Germany, you can only apply for the license plate if you name a person authorized to receive it. 

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