New registration (new vehicles) / first registration (used vehicles)

Your vehicle must be approved by the registration authority for driving on public roads. The approval authority in whose area you have your domicile or registered office is responsible for the approval. Vehicles can be registered as vehicle owners on private individuals or legal persons, i.e. also on companies, authorities or associations. When registering vehicles, a distinction is made between the initial registration of a vehicle in Germany (new or second-hand vehicle from abroad), the re-registration of an approved vehicle to a new holder and the re-registration of a registered vehicle.

When registering vehicles for the first time, you must also demonstrate that the vehicle has a type-approval or an individual permit. Type-approval is obtained on the basis of a Part II certificate or a Certifikate of Confirmity (COC). In order to obtain an individual authorisation, the opinion of a technical testing body or service must be submitted at the time of approval. If there is no Registration Certificate Part II, it must also be demonstrated that you may have the vehicle, e.B by means of the purchase contract. If another person or registration service is to approve the vehicle, they must be instructed to do so by a written authorisation and present it.

No forms An online procedure (i-Kfz) is expected to be possible from October 2019 No written form requirement

More information about the procedure and special case constellations can be found on the website of the respective licensing authority.

The approval authority assigns a number plate, stamps the number plates and prepares the approval documents. You may also commission another person or registration service in writing to register the vehicle.

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