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Since 1 January 1999, a number of driving licences have been in place in Germany. Among other things, this regulates the introduction of the uniform card driving licence throughout Europe. This has completely new class classifications and higher minimum requirements for testing. If you want to exchange your old driving licence because, for example, it has become illegible, you will be issued a new driving licence ("EU driving licence") upon request. However, there is no general obligation to exchange an old driving licence for the card driver's licence. This principle excludes only the authorisations to carry old class 3 lorries (in so far as lorries with a maximum permissible mass of more than 7.5 t are concerned) and class 2. You must have changed these at the latest by the age of 50, with proof of fitness to drive, in order to obtain this right without interruption. The new categories of driving licences to which your driving licence will be switched depends on the Regulation on the Registration of Persons to Road Traffic (FeV). On 18 March 2019, the 13th Ordinance amending the Driving Licence Ordinance was published in the Federal Gazette. This regulates the obligation to exchange the card driving licence, which is uniform throughout Europe. After that, all driving licences issued before 19.01.2013 must be exchanged in stages according to the year of birth or exhibition. I. Driving licences issued until 31 December 1998: Year of birth of the licence holder Day until the driver's license must be exchanged Before 1953 19.01.2033 1953-1958 19.01.2022 1959-1964 19.01.2023 1965-1970 19.01.2024 1971 or later 19.01.2025 II. Driving licences issued from 1 January 1999: Exhibition year Exchange to: 1999-2001 19.01.2026 2002-2004 19.01.2027 2005-2007 19.01.2028 2008 19.01.2029 2009 19.01.2030 2010 19.01.2031 2011 19.01.2032 2012-18.01.2013 19.01.2033

old driver's license Id original signature on government form a photograph (biometric) that complies with the provisions of the Passport Ordinance of 19 October 2007 (BGBl. I p. 2007, 2386) a card copy of the issuing authority

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