Resident parking card Issue

As a resident, you can apply for a resident parking card for your car or motorbike or a motor vehicle that you use permanently. The resident parking card is only valid for a specially designated zone (resident parking area).

current identity card or passport Registration certificate I (old: vehicle registration certificate) Certificate of use if the applicant is not a vehicle owner if applied by a representative Power of attorney Additional documents may be required.

For more information, please visit the website of your local road traffic authority.

You are registered in the resident park area and you actually live there there is no private parking space the vehicle is registered to you or you use the vehicle permanently.

The resident parking card does not guarantee a fixed parking space. Parking permits can only be valid at certain times or around the clock.
Further information can be found on the website of your competent road traffic authority.

It is best to visit the relevant authority in person and present the documents there. You can also apply for a resident parking card in writing or electronically from some road authorities. Check with your competent authority what documents you need to send in this case. In some cases you will receive the parking card with the post office, in others you will have to pick it up on site.