Certification, labels (EMAS, energy labels, Eco-design, EU eco-label)

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Information about Rights & Duties

Certification, labels (EMAS, energy labels, Eco-design, EU eco-label)

Labels and markings

Mandatory labels

Many products must bear the CE marking before they can be sold in the EU no matter where they were manufactured. Check when the CE marking is mandatory, whether it applies to your products and how to affix it.

If you intend to sell electrical appliances, find out what your responsibilities are and what you need to do.

Most footwear sold in the EU must bear a label that informs potential buyers what they are made of.

Clothes and other textile products sold in the EU are required to carry a label with information on the textile fibre composition. This enables your customers to make an informed decision when they buy.

Voluntary labels

The EU Ecolabel can be affixed to various products that are environmentally friendly and respect strict ecological requirements. Check if that is the case for your product.

The ?-mark shows that a product complies with EU rules on the indication of the volume or weight and the measuring methods that must be used by businesses selling prepackaged products.

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