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The public certification of your signature may increase the acceptance of a power of attorney granted by you. You can have your preventive power of attorney and your care order publicly certified by the local care authority or a notary.

Public certification is required if the authorised representative is to make declarations to the Land Registry and his power of attorney is not already notarized. Even if an inheritance is to be declared on your behalf for example because of over-indebtedness of the estate a publicly certified power of attorney is necessary. The certification of the signature under the power of attorney is also necessary if the authorised representative is to be entitled to register or deregister you with the reporting authority.

However, public certification cannot replace notarial certification in all cases. A notarial certificate is required if the power of attorney is also to irrevocably entitle to the acquisition or sale of land or apartments.

If the power of attorney is also to entitle to take out consumer loans, a notarial notification is also recommended.

Tip: If you involve a notary or a notary in complicated legal matters, seek legal advice if necessary.

  • Precautionary power of attorney/declaration of care in the original
  • Identity card or passport

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  • Visit the care authority personally with the precautionary power of attorney care order and your personnel document.
  • In the presence of the staff member ("original person") you place your signature on the documents to be signed.
  • The documentperson compares identity and signature and provides the documents with a certificate of credence and the official seal

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