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The inspection takes place during the opening hours only after prior appointment. The case worker will provide the relevant documents in the original. The case worker assists in the interpretation of the documents and advises on questions.

Identity cardPower of attorney of the natural/legal person registered as owner for the requested information.

Legitimate interest in accordance with the Surveying and Cadastral Act must be credibly demonstrated in advance, e.g. Parcel and property owners Notary public planners and architects Proof of the justified interest and the purpose of use must be provided in writing.

The real estate cadastre must meet the requirements of legal transactions, administration and business as a basic information system. It must serve as an official register within the meaning of the Land Register Code. The real estate cadastre consists of the cadastral survey work (Risse), the cadastral map work (Liegenschaftskarte) and the cadastral book work (Liegenschaftsbuch). Further information can be found at .
Personal appearance after previous appointment. Appointment by telephone or in writing in advance enables preparation by the:the case worker:in. Inspection in direct dialogue with the:the case worker:in.

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