Obtaining access to finance at national level

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Obtaining access to finance at national level

Financing options for businesses

In Germany, various financing options are offered to companies at the national level. The first port of call for businesses looking for financing options is the Förderdatenbank (funding database), which is made available by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. The financing options contained in the funding database include all those managed by the development bank KfW.

Who can participate in the funding programmes?

By means of a user-friendly filtering option, you can use the funding database to find suitable financing options for businesses at a national level.

To that end, filter for Unternehmen (businesses) under Förderberechtigte (funding recipients) and for Bund (Federal Government) under Fördergeber (funding providers). You will be shown 275 funding programmes that match your search. Which businesses are eligible for one or more of the 275 funding programmes varies according to the selected funding programme and the individual situation of the business. In addition, it is also possible to search for funding organisations using your address details, such as your town or postcode.

Who is responsible for managing the programmes?

Depending on the funding programme, different institutions are responsible for management. The database contains more than 2 000 funding organisations.

You will find more detailed information on the funding provider and the point of contact directly in the funding database by clicking on a funding programme.

How can you apply?

The application process for financing varies depending on the funding programme. Details can be found directly in the section featuring the financing option or funding programme you have selected on the funding database and/or under the links indicated there.

Make use of your right to information

You can require the banks to provide information about the credit decision. This will allow you to better assess your financial position and improve your chances of financing. Make use of your right by referring to Article 431 of the EU Capital Requirements Regulation of 2013.

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