Moving temporarily or permanently to another Member State

Information about Rights & Duties of #Spending time abroad

Information about Rights & Duties

Moving temporarily or permanently to another Member State

Persons who usually live abroad and who move into accommodation for a stay of no more than 3 months are not subject to the general registration obligation.

If it is already clear when moving into the accommodation that the stay will exceed 3 months, the person must register with the registration authority 2 weeks after  moving in.

Further information

Sections 27(2), 17(1) and (3) and Section 23 of the Federal Registration Act ( Bundesmeldegesetz, BMG )

Sections 17.1, 17.3 and 23.0 of the General Administrative Regulation implementing the Federal Registration Act (Verwaltungsvorschrift zur Durchführung des Bundesmeldegesetzes, BMGVwV)

Registration authority of the municipality or city.

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